Wardrobe Design Service - How it works


Real examples from our design team

When discussing your wardrobe requirements we will consider all aspects of your space – are your walls straight? Are the floors and ceiling aligned? Are there any slopes to consider? What about coving, skirting, wall lights, wall switches etc?


We then try to understand functionally what you are trying to achieve. How much space do you need for shirts & jumpers? How much for long hanging? How much drawer space is required?


Is the wardrobe going to double up for storage of books, board games, toys or anything else? Would it be useful to incorporate a TV space inside the wardrobe or possibly built into the wardrobe door? What about sensor lighting, jewellery trays, shoe racks, tie racks and any other special considerations? Got any handbags to put in the new wardrobe?


Only once all these questions are answered do we start to look at door styles, types, colours, finishes and materials. Deciding on what type of wardrobe doors you want to have can be tricky. If you want sliding wardrobe doors, your floor/ceiling alignment is of paramount importance; if you want hinged wardrobe doors, this is less of an issue.


You must also decide if you wanted fitted wardrobes or free standing wardrobes. At Designer Wardrobes London, all our wardrobe systems are stand alone ( which is the most advanced and most durable type) – these stand alone wardrobe systems can be designed to look either free standing or fully fitted depending on your room and your personal preference.


If you’re really pushed for space, you could consider going for an overbed wardrobe system. We can quickly design an overbed wardrobe for you if you provide us with the dimensions of your bedroom – we can do this over email but it’s usually much better if you can invest 30 minutes and come and see us in the showroom.