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Flavo Hanging Wardrobe - Hulsta

Flavo Hanging Wardrobe - Hulsta Flavo Hanging Wardrobe - Hulsta Flavo Hanging Wardrobe - Hulsta
FLAVO features elaborately crafted individual bedroom units with wooden surfaces that reflect a truly natural look. The mix of contrasting materials with high-gloss wardrobe fronts adds a special touch. Ancillary units featuring dovetailed, solid wood fronts are genuine eye-catchers.

The wardrobe shown here consists of one 103 cm wide and two 100 cm wide units. The wide choice of widths in combination with the endless add-on principle ensure that the wardrobe can be adapted to fit almost any room. Optional light fields can be integrated into the cornice profile. This wardrobe measures 229.6 x 313 x 61.8 cm. Because of the many widths available, the endlessly extendable wardrobe fits in almost any room. You can integrate light-panels in the cornice profile and decide for yourself which doors you would like to fit them over. The central, integrated intermediary unit is fitted with a 3-dimensionally adjustable flat screen bracket. Check here whether your TV-unit can be mounted onto this bracket (EFW 6345 or THIN 345; Vogel’s).


Prices From: £1650