Built In Wardrobes

Exquisitely designed built in wardrobes are an integral aspect of any modern flat or family home. These wardrobes not only add to the decor of the room but are also important, if you need extra space freed up for more furniture or household appliances. By being built into the structure of the apartment, these types of wardrobes allow you the convenience of organising your shoes, clothes and other forms of apparel in one central location. What’s more, a built-in wardrobe can be designed exclusively to fit into any room size. This way you can optimise space usage in most of the rooms in your house or apartment, by ordering a built-in wardrobe customised for serving a particular purpose. Be it as simple as a TV stand or as multiplex as a fully fledged walk-in wardrobe.

Since a built-in wardrobe is typically tailor-made to match your desired tastes, it accords you the rare opportunity of furnishing your personal space as per your preferences. In addition, the flexibility enjoyed while using this piece of furniture in your crib, makes investing in a quality built in wardrobe such a worthwhile venture.
With our broad array of built-in wardrobes to choose from, you are always spoilt for choice. A rich variety of diversified design features are always available to select from; including;


Style and colour.

You can choose to have a wardrobe that easily blends with your existing decor, by selecting from a wide range of colours of solid wood closets available. It could be the visibly conspicuous white lined wardrobe, or simply, a woody shade that complements your furniture discreetly. Otherwise, with mirrored wardrobes, an illusion of depth and space is artificially created while illuminating the room too.



Even though wood has been known to stand the test of time, a melamine or gloss lacquer finish always adds to the ambiance of the room in which the wardrobe is installed. From chrome panelled to mirrored closets, you can be assured of endless satisfaction, whichever your particular aesthetic tastes.

Drawers and doors design.

Have a unique storage area by installing a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors. Even better, a combination of both the hinged and sliding door design makes keeping your personal items well-arranged natural. Walk-in wardrobes with ample of storage space are ideal for small-sized apartments when you need to utilize as much wall space as possible.


Handles and accessories.

Nothing beats a well-accessorised wardrobe in blending elegance and functionality. By having additions such as shoe racks, belt racks, baskets and hanging rails, your apparel articles are kept easily accessible when you need them. No longer will you have to rummage through the entire room searching for a tie or cufflink.


Cushioned closing and adjustable shelving.

A combination of vogue and comfort is achieved by having your built-in wardrobe installed with cushioned buffers to expedite smooth closing of doors. Also, the same effect could be simulated by having the doors fitted with rubber rollers, for easy and efficient access to your contents.

The closet could also be customised to allow you maximum usability and further help reduce clutter in your room, by incorporating adjustable shelving in the build.

Lastly, a built-in wardrobe is a multifunctional asset that aids in the tidy arrangement of a room, while still refining your personal space to suit your desired liking.

We have been designing and installing beautiful built in wardrobes for over 30 years - email us your space plan or pop into the showroom and our team of designers will be happy to help.