Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes

Professionally installed floor to ceiling wardrobes will help to transform any room and to give you a more organised storage solution. When wardrobes are installed by experts, you can be sure that they will be fitted correctly, and that the installation process will be given the attention that it deserves. Furthermore, expert installation will ensure the perfect finish.


A lot of wardrobe companies sub-contract or outsource their installation work. We do not. We have an expert installation team that has worked with us for more than ten years and that understands the entire installation process. The team is familiar with our wardrobes, and they have the necessary skills to handle and install them. The following are the benefits of trusting our expert installation team with the wardrobe installation task:



Our team is very professional, and they will go out of their way to meet your needs. We will make an appointment that is convenient for you. Our experts are very punctual and polite. They will install the wardrobe without disrupting the normal day-to-day activities in your home.


Quick installation

Our experts are very familiar with our floor to ceiling wardrobes. In fact, we have been working with them for about ten years. Therefore, they can quickly and effortlessly install the wardrobe of your choice in any room. You can be sure that they will be done with the entire installation process in the shortest time possible.


Perfect finish

The fact that they are familiar with our products means that you can expect the perfect finish. They will fit every part correctly. They will also ensure that the wardrobe is perfectly level before they leave the room.


Excellent customer service

Our experts are part of our team, and they will offer exceptional customer service. They will always be willing to answer any questions that you may have about the installation process. They can help you to choose the perfect wardrobe for any room. They will also calm your fears, and make sure that you are aware and comfortable with your choice before they proceed with the installation process. They will also be easily available to make any repairs in the future.



You can trust our experts with the installation process in any room. Our team will not need any supervision in order to do a superb job. They can work excellently, and you can come later and inspect the completed job. If you are not satisfied with anything, our team will make sure that they meet your needs so that you are a happy customer.


Maintenance Advice

One of the reason why we prefer to use our own expert installation team is because they know everything about our wardrobes. Therefore, they will always be in a position to advise you on how to care and maintain your wardrobe. They know the materials that have been used, and the basics of wardrobe care and maintenance. This advice will ensure that your wardrobe always looks great long after we have installed it.



When it comes to wardrobe installation, our expert team of installers are the best people for the job. From experience, we know that they can be trusted to do an excellent job and to meet every need of the client.