Sliding Door Wardrobes

In the modern world designing a relaxing bedroom in a contemporary style requires choices in not only colour, but the overall design and practicality of the furniture used. fci offer sliding door wardrobes with many internal options that should be considered as part of the overall design. An article of this nature cannot answer all your questions; it is intended to help in making appropriate choices when choosing a wardrobe.


How can white be a suitable colour for a wardrobe?

White is a colour that can be used alongside most colour schemes. It can be used as an accent feature in rooms that are mainly in a darker colour or be allowed to blend into a more contemporary minimalist decor.   The decoration and design of a room can be enhanced by finding the appropriate style and finish of a wardrobe to match it. The actual finish of the wardrobe, whether matt, gloss or with a mirror at the front will go a long way in enhancing the look of a bedroom.


How do you keep a sliding wardrobe clean?

The wardrobes available today are made with modern finishes that allow for easy cleaning with a duster or damp cloth. All that is needed is to wet the cloth and then gently wipe the dust off the doors.   The finishes used in modern furniture are more durable than some used in the past. Also, they are more resistant to discolouration and less likely to fade.


Why consider a sliding door wardrobe?

If there is not a lot of space in the room, it may not be possible to fully open a hinged wardrobe door therefore restricting the access. A sliding door should be able to give full access to the interior of the wardrobe.


Will a sliding door wardrobe take up more space than a hinged one?

Not necessarily, a conventional wardrobe door opening requires the use of a hinge. This often means that the thickness of the material for the side of the door will be thicker. Further, hinges over time may sag requiring adjustments to allow the door to close properly. A sliding door only requires a small amount of space at the front, little more than the width of 2 doors to let one door slide behind the other.


How do I incorporate a big mirror on the front of my wardrobe?

Most wardrobes on the market allow for the inclusion of a mirror in the design of the doors. The actual size of the mirror is a matter of personal preference. It is common to have a full length mirror built into the door of a wardrobe, whether it is a conventional or sliding door.


How can drawer space be fitted into a wardrobe?

Many wardrobes available today have drawer space incorporated into their design. There are many choices the main ones being from drawers being built in below the hanging space and main doors, or they may be built into the internal space with full length doors. In both of these options there can be a choice of conventionally hinged or sliding doors.